Thursday, May 19, 2011

I've Gone Neon!

Ok, so the other day when my new bottle of Zoya Charisma came in (thank you so much Ron and Zoya CS!) my son wanted me to immediately re-do my pedicure with it. I told him that 9:45pm was much too late for mommy to be starting on her nails (especially since the old stuff still had to come off) but that I would do them the next day. And I did.

Let me tell you, taking all that polish off without taking my manicure off with it was a pain in the neck! I have a sponge-wand but it's rather small and it took about 30 minutes of scrubbing to get all my toes cleaned off. Eventually they were all bare though and then I set about painting them with Charisma.

I had read that neon polishes tended to dry flat if not matte so I was prepared for it. Actually, I rather liked it like that, so I left it that way for a day. Then both kids decided they wanted mommy to paint their nails too so I used Charisma and painted the big toe nails on each of them. Here's my pedi and my daughter, Katje's as well.

The next day I put a topcoat on over Charisma and prepped my fingernails so I could do my manicure after work. Then after work on went Zoya's Paz. I have been itching to use this one ever since I ordered it for the Earth Day Exchange and with all the clouds and rain we've been having I decided I needed a big dose of sun and since I wasn't getting it from the sky I'd just have to put it on my nails!

Here is Charisma with topcoat and Paz without.

Then I decided to add a bit of sparkle so out came Zoya Sienna. I used my french tip guides to get the clean lines. Excuse the bubbling, I was just so excited to get Paz on I didn't wait long enough between each coat ^^;

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