Sunday, July 3, 2011

Independence Day Mani

Ok, it is past time for me to do another polish post methinks. I bet you can guess what is coming . . . That's right, another 4th of July themed mani. After looking at all the manis being posted I had plenty of ideas but very little in the way of concrete plans. So first I got out the colors I was planning on using: Zoya Sooki, Sinful Colors Ciao Bella, New York Color French Tip White, Confetti Ice Ice Baby, and Milani 3D Holographic HD.

The first step was to get the base colors on. I decided to start with Sooki as a base with my ringer finger as an accent in the French Tip White. I did two coats of each and then topped my nails with Out the Door top coat . . . and neglected to do the white nails first. Big mistake. I ended up with pink streaks on my white nails.

That's when I decided how to use the Milani holo: over my accent nails to disguise the streaks!

Then I used my french tip guides (yes, I love those things, they are one of my must-have mani tools) and made little blue half moons, used my striper brush to add white dots for stars, and topped everything with a coat of Ice Ice Baby and another layer of top coat.

I really love how this turned out. You might notice I was very careful to get five stars on each nail. If you add them up on both hands you get 50 stars, the same as the number of states in the US of A :D I considered doing the 13 stripes but figured that might be going overboard just a tiny bit.