Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Some polishes are better to wait on buying until you can hold the bottle in your hands and SEE the color right in front of you. I discovered this the hard way with China Glaze Flying Dragon. It is a lovely purplely neon . . . with pink and blue glitter. When I saw it online I thought it was a shimmer but when I held it in my hot little hands I realized it wasn't so. Ce la vie.

After a couple weeks of using other un-trieds I picked up Flying Dragon, said "oh, all right" and applied it. It was a bit streaky (do not use neons on top of Revlon's Calcium Gel Nail Hardener or use a thin coat to start) so I ended up with three coats when all was said and done.

A very nice color but I swiftly grew tired of it. I didn't want to do a completely new mani however so I tried thinking of ways I could embellish it. And then one of my friends at school made a comment about polishes she'd used in high school and I had a sudden flash of inspiration.

So, when I got home I went directly to my oldest polishes, the one's I'd gotten in high school and college. I reached in and snagged my well-loved bottle of Liquid Euphoria Bliss. Yes, you read that correctly. Bliss. That bottle is about ten years old and just as lovely as the day I purchased it.

I put one coat of Bliss over Flying Dragon and hot damn if I didn't fall in love with it all over again. Every time I use it I rejoice that I have rediscovered my love of polish <3

Here you can see the predominating purple with the coppery-red flash.

And here is the green flash with a bit of navy blue undertones.

And now I'm really wanting to wear this again! I need to get some polish thinner so I can use her sister, Euphoric and my old Sally Hansen Prisms!


♥ Claire ♥ said...

That is gorgeous!! Great discovery!

Kristen said...

i love old sally hansen nail prisms. i just want to paint everything with them.

Jenn Staz said...

I agree with you. I like your nail color makeovers more than the original color. Well done!!