Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Discount Shopping WIN & Nail Mail

Wow this week has been crazy! I started off with a great weekend though! Saturday I went shopping with my mom and my daughter and we hit up Walgreens and Marden's (a super-discount type store here in Maine). At Walgreens I scored two eyeliner pencils (Jordana Cool Aqua and Jordana Easyliner Purple Fusion) on clearance for 50 cents each. Then at Marden's I found a cute makeup bag for 88 cents, a pretty scarf for $1.99 and a manga and two manhwa for 99 cents each! For those of you who don't know, manga are the Japanese version of graphic novels and manhwa are the Korean version. Those sold in the US are of course translated but the Japanese read/write from right to left instead of left to right (the Koreans go from left to right like us) and sometimes the versions sold in the US are flipped to make it easier on us poor westerners . . . but sometimes they aren't either XD

Funny story about the manga I found. When I first started getting into manga and anime I did lots of image searches online and some of my favorites were of a girl with delicate mechanical wings and tiny blue mechanical birds. This was going on 8-9 years ago. A couple years later I discovered that the story those images belonged to was called Clover and was written by CLAMP, one of my favorite manga-writing groups so, now having a title to search for, I started looking in every bookstore I went to but never found it . . . until this last Saturday! :D After about 6 years of searching I finally found this elusive manga, that normally retails for $20, for 99 cents! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

 The two manhwa are Bride of the WaterGod volumes 1 and 4 (the other 6 volumes are now added to my Amazon wishlist).

Here is my new makeup bag with all my stuff in it. I knew it was meant to be when it slid perfectly into one of the pockets of the bag I take to school with me XD

Monday morning was a major downer for me and even doing nails at school didn't really pick up my mood much. The box that I saw next to my laptop when I got home worked miracles though! It was the box full of the entire Nicole by OPI Justin Bieber One Less Lonely Girl collection (14 polishes!) that I won from The TraceFace Philes' 500 Follower Giveaway :D

She sure wrapped them well!

And here are all my new pretties <3

I actually brought all these in to school today since we're doing pedicures and even the teachers were impressed! LOL! Thanks again Traci!


♥ Claire ♥ said...

Fantastic! They look really good

Jacki said...

Congrats! So jealous you won that awesome giveaway!! lol

Connie said...

Great haul!
I tagged you for an award in my blog post!

TraceFace said...

Congratulations again Jenn!! I am so excited that you won! I know you will really enjoy and appreciate these polishes! Lotsa love to you! <3