Saturday, September 17, 2011

A bit of Time Travel

I was a big polish nut back in high school and my favorite polishes were always duochromes. I have the good luck to have held onto most of them and today I am sharing one with you. Revlon Silver Switch was one of my favorites for layering over other colors but I'm showing it here by itself. All photos below are shown with three coats of Silver Switch. Unfortunately I couldn't get any in full sun since it was rainy at the time.

 Artificial light
 Artificial light
Artificial light

 Natural light
 Natural light
Natural light

Later I topped it with a coat of gLORIous top coat for a bit of extra pizazz. Luckily the sun DID come out the next day!


Jossie said...

Love it!!! Flash from the past..

Connie said...

I remember those! Great polishes never go out of style.

thenailaholic said...

Silver Switch! I think that's the one I have with the label missing and the name and stuff all scratched off! Ha! How awesome :)

imfeelingnail-venturous said...

This polish is awesome!

The Lacquered Lady said...

I loved these Revlon colors back in high school. I even have a few bottles still around and they are still good to use!

Nail Designs xox said...

Sooo pretty!