Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What I found at Rite Aid

Hey look! A post during the week! I was just too excited about this to wait until Saturday though. I apologize for the cell phone pics but I don't exactly carry my Nikon D40 into Rite Aid. And what was I doing in Rite Aid tonight? What do you think a polish addict does? Shops for polish of course! I had $4 of  +Up rewards to use before Saturday though so I totally had a valid excuse . . . . >.>

Anyway! I'm sure you want to see what I found, right? RIGHT? Good, 'cause I was gonna tell you anyway :P

So, the first thing that popped out at me was a full display of the Sally Hansen Gems collection. Sorry, didn't get a pic of it but there were so many of them that looked like complete dupes for other polishes that I'd seen and I've seen them swatched in enough blogs that I didn't really think a pic was needed.

The next thing was a display of the new Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips:

I must say that I absolutely ADORE Love Letters! I also found the Effects strips Christmas collection:

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, would you believe it? I found VALENTINES strips out already!

Just a weeeeee bit early for that don't you think? Anyway, the find that I absolutely fell in love with was a display of the new Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes/bottles. I'd heard in one of my Facebook groups that they had released new bottles but I had heard nothing about new polishes!

I kinda like the new bottles. But I REALLY like the new colors. Why? BECAUSE THERE ARE FLAKIES!  That's right, FLAKIES! The display here doesn't have all the new colors but it does have two of the three flakie polishes (I know there are three because there was also a brochure with the display showing all the new colors.

Of course, I knew EXACTLY what I was using my $4 +Up rewards for! I grabbed a bottle of Glass Slipper (large white flakies) and a bottle of Sinful Colors Winterberry to go with it. I can hardly wait to try out that combo this weekend! Now I just need to hunt down Princess Cut (flakies in pale pink base) and Black Tie (black duochrome).

Glass Slipper and Winterberry

What about you? Have you found these new Sally Hansen polishes? If you've posted swatches I'd love to see them!


Shieldmaiden96 said...

A couple of the Gem Crushes fell in my hands tonight at RA. I didn't get any of the China Glaze Eye Candy so I figured what the heck.

Bina said...

I love salon effects! They just come out so well!