Friday, May 27, 2011

Tea and Polish

Ok, so I haven't talked about it much here yet but my favorite thing, even before polish, is tea. I L O V E tea <3 Seriously, I have most of a cupboard dedicated to my tea and tea ware. I have an old photo over on Flickr showing my stash if you're curious. Of course there have been a few additions since then but it'll give you an idea of my level of obsession.

But anyway, when I rediscovered my love of polish back in January with Zoya's 3Free promo I determined to find a polish to match the cognac amber hue of some of my black teas that I loved so much. After much searching I finally found one and it's a Zoya polish :D

And the winner is: Zoya Kaufda!

And here she is with one of my favorite tea blends, Wild Blueberry and East Frisian Sunday Blend:

See how well they match? And even without being a match for the tea color, Kaufda is amazing all on her own. There's a gorgeous red/copper/gold shimmer to it that deserves it's very own photo.

These photos were taken with three coats of Kaufda and one coat of Out the Door top coat. I could have gotten away with only two coats of polish but I'm just OCD like that.

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Manicured Monkey said...

Love the copper/orange and shimmer, looks great on you!