Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My First Day!

"First day of what?" you might ask. My first day of cosmetology school! Huzzah! :D

Actually, I started yesterday but had no time last night to write a blog entry. The section (ha ha pun) we are starting with is haircutting, which I will admit is the part that I'm most nervous about. We also got our student kits yesterday. Part of the tuition goes to buy an entire kit of the basic items we will need in school and in our future careers. Or rather, the rest of the class got their kits. They were one short and I was too slow to claim one so I had to wait until more arrived. Luckily by the time we got back from lunch my kit had arrived!

And of course I HAD to have a fresh mani to start the day ;) I actually had to apply my mani a second time because it bubbled so horribly the first time. So the second time around I turned off the fan and made sure to use thinner coats. It didn't prevent all the bubbles but it was a vast improvement!

So on to the pictures! The purple here is Sinful Colors Let's Talk. It had great coverage with just one coat but I used two to even out the brush strokes. The green is Zoya Tangy, one of my FAVORITE polishes EVER. I love everything about this polish but especially the little pink duochrome that flashes when you are least expecting it <3

This photo was taken in the sun. Unfortunately I couldn't get my camera to cooperate so this wasn't taken until after I'd managed to chip it while unpacking my kit.

You can juuuuuust see the pink flash on Tangy in this indoor photo. Oh yes, and tea! I need to find time to make more tea to bring with me. One tumbler of tea a day is just not going to cut it.

And THEN when I got home guess what I found?

My Barielle polishes from the Hautelook sale! Wrapped in Ribbon is the shimmery pink and the other is Lava Rock.

Oh, and funny story, I just about ran out of gas on the way home. I got two thirds of the way there and had to stop at Walmart and wait for my husband to bring some money up so I could get gas in my tank. Having to drive an hour to an hour and a half each day to get to school sure is going to be an adventure!

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