Saturday, June 11, 2011

Putting on some Glitz

So it's been a while since my last post. Sorry about that, school has been keeping me pretty darn busy. But! I have a post that is totally worth the wait!

Last Sunday I decided to finally try out my bottle of Zoya Casey that I had gotten from the Earth Day promo. I LOVE HER <3 Casey is so incredibly shiny it's unbelievable. Unfortunately when I applied her Sunday night I then ended up with sheet marks the next morning so the photo below is four coats of Casey and one of topcoat.

The topcoat I used was Out the Door. I love it so much because I can almost literally be out the door after putting it on . . . as long as I remember to take my keys out of my purse before doing any polishing!

So, after the four coat fiasco I took the whole thing off Monday night and re-applied, getting away with a mere three coats and top coat. Tuesday night I decided to jazz it up a bit and brought out my bottle of Zoya Faye. I used my french tip guides and placed them at the base of each nail then applied Faye so that I had a half circle of sparkle right at the cuticles. Not quite satisfied, I got out my striping brush and put one stripe down the inside edge of each ring finger nail. Then two stripes down the outer edge of each thumb nail and a third, curved, stripe perpendicular to those. 

I couldn't stop staring and shifting my fingers to watch the sparkle!

 Here is the manicure in artificial light

And here it is in natural light. Just look at that sparkle!

I was so in love with this manicure I even patched it on Thursday when it started chipping rather than taking it off.

And of course, obligatory tea photo ;)

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