Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Holo

Ok, I'm going through a bit of sunlight withdrawal what with getting up before sunrise and getting home at sunset and not being able to get enough time with the sun to be able to get decent photos for my blog. Guess it's time to pull out some of the older mani's I didn't post about this summer. Namely those with holographic polish.

This time around I have a lovely example of creative layering. I was attempting to use Jesse's Girl Confetti, a lovely purple-blue glass fleck polish . . . also a very SHEER polish. After hardly any coverage with two coats I gave up and applied Milani Hi-Res, then another coat of Confetti (just to get that blue shimmer over the holo), and of course I topped it with Out the Door top coat (if you haven't figured it out yet, I use OTD over everything).
Natural light

Full sun

Full sun with water lilly

One of these days I will do a full swatch of JG Confetti, if only to see how many coats it takes to actually achieve full coverage with it.


My Nail Polish Online said...

Lovely combo. The Milani polish is a nice touch to the mani :-)

imfeelingnail-venturous said...

So pretty! I have that Jesse girl polish! I need to use it!