Saturday, October 15, 2011

Peacock Gradient

OMGosh what is this!? Two posts in one day!? Amazing! I seem to have a whole bunch of material piling up so I might even get another post done in the near future . . . maybe >.> Anyway, on to the important stuff: nail polish!

Now, I know the China Glaze Metro collection came out recently so you've most likely seen swatches of this one already but since I decided to get Midtown Magic with a bit of my birthday money you get to see it again! I must say though, this one is totally worth seeing again. And again and again and again. This dark dark brown polish with copper, gold and orange sparkle is quite a beauty and it makes me sad that I only got to take photos of it alone in artificial light. I really need to get some poster board for a light box.

The application was great and I was pretty impressed with the drying time as well. I don't own many China Glaze polishes but I think I may just have to change that.

Since I was feeling a bit down yesterday I decided to indulge in a bit of polish therapy, both shopping for and using of. I picked up Petites Utopia, Petites Color Fever 24k Gold, and a berry-toned version of one of the nameless polishes I mentioned in my Birthday post, you know, the ones with the rose decal and holographic glitter. Then I used the two Petites polishes for some awesome nail bling!

First I sponged on 24k Gold:

And let me tell you, you DEFINITELY need a top coat with this polish! It's like wearing sandpaper otherwise but the coverage was great, completely jam-packed with glitter.

And then I sponged Utopia on over the tips:
Artificial light


Sunlight with Midtown Magic bottle

Talk about bling and sparkle! I hope you're loving this combo as much as I am!


imfeelingnail-venturous said...

Those colors look SO great together!

~*~Amber~*~ said...

This is gorgeous!!!!

Alice Palace said...

Wow I love this- the colour combination with the sparkles makes it look SO glamorous and really expensive!