Saturday, November 19, 2011

City Color Purple

Back just before Halloween I found a couple different displays of polishes from a company called City Color. One display had miniature bottles and there were about five or six colors, the other display had three colors in full sized bottles with square caps. I picked up a maroon glitter in the mini bottle and a medium purple in the larger bottle, this post is about the purple.

One strange thing about this company, they don't name the polishes. Really! The back label has nothing more than the color (ie purple, blue, reddish-purple, etc) and ingredients. No fancy name or even not-so-fancy name. I suppose I could name them myself . . . if I did I'd call this one Sheerly Purple. I put three coats of this polish on and still had visible nail line! Blech!

Artificial light

Full sun

This pic shows the VNL 

This makes me very sad. I love purple, it's one of my favorite colors, but I continuously have bad luck with this particular shade of it. It does look very nice over black though! I did a manicure for one of my classmates and used it over Sinful Colors Black on Black and sponged Wet 'n' Wild Hana Pinktana on the tips for a bit of sparkle.

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Lindsey said...

GAH! I'm a sucker for purples =] This is a waaaay pretty color!