Saturday, November 19, 2011

Galaxies of Kindness

A great big THANK YOU! shout out to the lovely lady, Kimberly, who absolutely made my day a while back. I was having a rough day (week really) and she was such a sweetheart she sent me (at absolutely no charge!) a bottle of Orly Galaxy Girl! I am constantly blown away by the generosity of some people to those that they hardly know and this time of year really brings it home, more so than any other time. I thanked her personally then but I want to take this time to do so again <3

I also wanted to take this time to finally post the swatch photos I took! All of these are two coats plus top coat and taken in full sun:

Isn't this polish amazing? Almost as amazing as the wonderful lady who sent it to me <3

Have you ever had someone do something for you or give you something with no expectations of return or reciprocation? I'd love if you left a comment with your story. In fact, if you have a blog why don't you post your story there and leave a link to it in the comments here? And invite your readers to do the same!

I leave you with one last thing since I have invited all of you to share your stories. A link to a short story that always brings me to tears when I read it. They are tears of joy. The story is mine. Random Acts of Kindness

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Ashley said...

I love this polish! I have it and cannot wait to use it. :)