Sunday, February 12, 2012

Party Nails

A couple weeks ago I got to do a set of party nails at school on one of my friends (her nails have been featured on this blog before, in the Holiday Nail Art post). Party nails are basically quickie acrylics using nail tips, nail glue, and the acrylic polymer powder.

For the ring fingers I used some tips meant for use with gel nails as an accent and filled the remaining area with the acrylic. The remaining nails got two coats of Milani Ruby Jewels with a coat of Wet n Wild Hallucinate on the ring fingers and thumbs. Also on the thumbs I stamped Wet n Wild Black Creme with Mash plate M-16.

Anyone else up for a set? :)

1 comment:

John said...

wow looking cute I am totally crazy about long nails and also about nails paint.
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