Friday, May 25, 2012

Just Spotted a Gradient

Last year so many people were going gaga over Chanel Peridot that my anti-popularity filter went into overdrive. I hate feeling like part of a mob when something gets popular, thus my dislike of Brittany Spears, the Backstreet Boys, and why it took me so many years before I finally broke down and read the Harry Potter books. The price tag was a big contributor to my antipathy towards the color as well. I mean, really, $26?

Fortunately there are a few companies now that have come out with duplicates, the latest of these being OPI with Just Spotted the Lizard from the company's newly released Spiderman collection. Obviously I don't own Chanel Peridot myself but I've seen some rather convincing comparison photos.

I think you've probably figured out by now that my mani for today's post has to do with OPI Just Spotted the Lizard. I was fortunate enough to snag a bottle this weekend before the OPI booth sold out of it.
 Two coats, full sun
Two coats, shade

It really is a lovely duochrome. I'm just glad I didn't have to spend anywhere near $26 for it! Rather wishing I hadn't filed my nails quite so far down for work however. Oh well, they'll grow back. Now at some point with this mani I knew I wanted to add a gradient but I decided to do a little stamping first to add a bit more visual interest.
 Stamping with Chameleon Waltz, artificial light and flash
Indirect lighting

And then I added the gradient with the same polish as the stamping, Chameleon Waltz.
 With flash
Indirect lighting

Such a pity there's no sun today, I'd love to get a better photo of the lovely blue-purple duochrome of Waltz. Unfortunately it just doesn't seem to photograph well in indirect lighting.

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KarenD said...

"anti-popularity filter"--I so get that. Love this combination you've done!