Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Have a Posting Problem

Ok, so my title is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek play on the name of my featured polish today as well as a rather embarrassed admittance that I really don't post often enough. Sorry about that ^^;

So the polish being featured in this post is OPI I Have a Herring Problem from the Holland collection. The more I see each of these colors the more I like them it seems. I absolutely fell in love with A Roll in the Hague the moment I saw it but the rest are growing on me, slowly but surely. I'm sure you've seen tons of swatches but here's another one to refresh your memory:
Two coats, top coat, full sun

Of course any good polish deserves great nail art and this was certainly no exception! I did this mani in early spring so I was thinking something floral but not quite . . . if that even makes sense. Then I remembered a fluffy little blossom that often appears in winter floral arrangements, branches bare but for small, white fluff balls reminiscent of cotton swabs: pussy willow!

Even better, this is some very simple nail art that just about anyone can do! I chose Zoya Angelina for the branches and OPI Skull & Glossbones for the flowers. With a striping brush I made smooth, curving lines across my nails in a variety of directions for the branches. I then created the catkins with a slightly larger art brush, making little ovaloid shapes alternating along the branches. Then I went back with my branch color and a very small brush and used little smudges of color to create the "sheath" the catkins emerged from.

The "sheath" is very important because otherwise your catkins will look like little white or grey blobs on brown lines instead of fluffy catkins emerging from their buds.

If any of you do try out this design I'd love to see your results! Fell free to post pics on my facebook page!

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