Thursday, May 10, 2012

Plaid in Purple

Recently one of my friends was asking me for advice on what nail polishes I would recommend for her to start her collection with. I asked her a bunch of questions about what look she was going for, what her budget and preferred shopping manner was, and other related stuff. Based on her answers I gave her a few brand recommendations and set her loose on the world of polish. Bwahahahaha! Ahem. Anyway, she later came back and told me she'd bought L'Oreal Butterfly Kisses, a light, shimmery purple. I told her "Great choice!" and then looked guiltily at my own, untried, bottle of Butterfly Kisses. Ok, so I had to come up with a mani using the neglected bottle of polish, even if only to assuage my guilt at the size of my pile of untrieds.

Two coats with top coat, full sun

Coverage was very good though there were still a few visible brush strokes after the polish had dried. A great color choice for spring too! I knew right off that I wanted something more though so I grabbed Essie Barefoot in Blue and Power Clutch as well as OPI DS Classic and set to creating some plaid nail art.

My daughter was absolutely enchanted by the blue stripes so I asked her if she wanted some too. Of course she did, so I painted four little blue stripes on one of her finger nails. Then she said "'nother finger, Mommy!" and pointed to the next finger so I did that one as well. Then she wanted the next, and the next, and pretty soon she had a full mani of tiny blue stripes:

Well of course my son had to get into the act as well, but he wanted red so we went with NOPI Ready to Runaway Love and did the stripes on his toenails:

My kids love doing stuff with mommy XD

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