Monday, October 29, 2012

Caught in the Spiderwebs

Ok, it's about time I kick my butt back into gear when it comes to updating this blog. I've been sitting around since my work season ended enjoying the feeling of not having to do a darn thing other than take care of my kids. I have also been enjoying being able to finally do nail art without worrying about having it completely wrecked the next day. Whoohooo! So I've been busy with that and now I need to post what I've been playing around with.

First up I decided to celebrate my freedom by using a neon I bought in the middle of the summer but couldn't wear to work. Orly Hot Shot is a coral neon. It's about halfway between magenta and orange. I used two coats of Hot Shot and one of OTD top coat for the following photos:

I then used one of my frankens, a dark brown with holo glitter called Stage Whisper, to do a funky french and then sketched spiderwebs with white acrylic ink:
 Right hand.

Left hand.

I love how these spiderwebs turned out and I give major kudos to the lovely writer of Nailing This who came up with this technique <3 I've played around with the inks a bit since I discovered this video and will try to post those experiments later, after Halloween. Before then I still have three more Halloween looks to post about so stay tuned!

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