Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My First try with Acrylic Inks

I mentioned with my first Halloween mani post that I had bought some acrylic inks to use for nail art. Well I thought I'd show you my first attempt with them. I started with OPI Berlin There Done That (two coats plus top coat):

I used black, gold, and copper inks for my design. One thing about the shimmery inks like the gold and copper is that they are quite sheer and show up better if used over a darker color. Layering them or using a bit more of the ink works well also though, as you can see I found out the hard way, it takes longer to dry that way.

Oh well, life is a learning experience. Now I know to let the ink dry thoroughly and have more top coat on the brush.

Another note about acrylic inks: you have to wait until your mani is COMPLETELY dry or the calligraphy nib will etch right through or catch on the polish and won't distribute the ink properly. This makes it the perfect way to change up a day or two-day-old mani.


~*~Amber~*~ said...

This is such a pretty design, nice job! I've never heard anything about acrylic inks, I'm going to have to check them out.

Estivalia said...

really cute design, I've never used acrylic ink