Friday, June 17, 2011

Orange Plaid

So I finally decided to try out my bottle of Zoya Kimmy this week. Have I mentioned how much I love Zoya's Sunshine collection? No? I love how the polishes are packed with tiny glitter particles. Glass flecks or foils, I love Zoya's glitter polishes, they are so different from all other glitters I've used.

Just look at that delicious, glitter-packed jelly <3

Then I decided to try out my bottle of Essie Clearly Matte. What appeared to be a glass-fleck glitter turned into a lovely foil. Then I pulled out my striping brush and some tape. With the tape I covered two thirds of each nail and painted the rest with Sinful Colors Cloud 9 (one of my winnings from Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom's blog giveaway!). With my striping brush I took Zoya Kimmy and Faye and created a bit of a plaid pattern on each nail.

 I'm getting better at straight lines :D

And OMGosh! Does that followers list really say I have more than 50 followers? :o Thank you so much to all of you! I honestly never thought I'd break 30 XD I wish I had the funds to do a giveaway now but I'm going to have to put that off for now. Maybe I'll pick a totally random number to do a giveaway at instead. Hehehe!


Geo58 said...

HI Jenn:

First time follower, love your orange polish, your nails are so beautiful and gorgoeus this color is so amazing, I love it. I never thought I would love orange and this season I do for some crazy reason. I just joined your list of followers. best wishes for your blog!


George :)

♥ Claire ♥ said...

I love the colour!! :)

Allison Owens said...

Hey, thanks for the post. I love it!