Saturday, July 9, 2011

Double Holo Goodness

I had never quite understood the whole holographic polish hype until I finally got two of the Milani holos. Now that I have them though I would never give them up. I seriously do not want to take this mani off, unfortunately I'll soon have to since it's starting to chip. But for now I'll enjoy my little personal rainbow while I write this post.

I started off with Milani Hi-Res and decided to try out a little trick that had been talked about over in the Polish-aholics Anonymous group on Facebook. I layered a top coat between two layers of the holo. It worked like a charm. I managed a couple days of wear with no chipping, even moving around set pieces and strapping someone into full plate armour and getting it off him again!

Hi-Res under artificial light.

Hi-Res with flash.

Hi-Res in full sunlight.

 After a couple days I was starting to think about ways to switch it up a bit without loosing the holo and then I came home to find my package containing a spectraflair holo top coat from the lovely Lori sitting on my laptop stand <3 

So I grabbed my bottle of Zoya Malia and free-handed a swipe across the tip of each nail, then I used a stripe of Barielle Lava Rock to demarcate the two.

Then I topped Malia with the SFTC:

Just look at that lovely rainbow action <3 I certainly am! I just can't stop staring at my own nails! And just in case you can't get enough of purple here's a photo I took of Malia herself back when I first got her:

And let's see that holo one more time . . . close-up!


♥ Claire ♥ said...

Great idea! Looks fantastic!

KB said...

This design reminds me of pok├ęballs but in a much prettier fashion. Gorgeous colors!

Pinkbeauty_love said...

Oh I have the same milani nail polish its beautiful!