Saturday, July 30, 2011

Glitterbombing: Zoya Paz

So if you've been reading you might know that one of my favorite colors is orange and my favorite polish company is Zoya. Thus it goes without saying that one of my favorite polishes is the lovely neon orange, Paz (which I have previously blogged about here). With the hot weather we were having I decided my nails needed to look even hotter so I got out my bottle and went to town on my nails. Of course, with the hot weather I also got some tiny bubbles but luckily they aren't really visible in my photos.

Look! I match my nasturtiums! Did you know these are edible? They taste just like radishes :D

That week the Monday Mani theme for Polish-aholics Anonymous was "glitterbomb" so I decided to top Paz with Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter and Confetti Ice Ice Baby.

Doesn't it look marvelous? I got so distracted by those nails while driving back and forth to school XD

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JenBunni said...

I love Ice Ice Baby