Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hoot Owl

I can't believe I'm only now getting around to posting this one. I bought this polish on my birthday and it's taken me this long to use it, get photos and post them. Well without further delay I give you L'Oreal Owl's Night:

This is two coats of Owl's Night and one coat of OTD top coat in full sun. I almost didn't need two coats actually but since I'm far from being perfect I decided two coats would be better. I'll admit it now, I am a complete sucker for almost any polish with a gold shimmer/sparkle/what-have-you so this one was a definite must have. I love the color, I love the application, I love this polish <3

Only one thing can make a good polish better and that is nail art! Since I really liked the earthy tone of this color I decided to stick to something subtle so I taped off my nails and put a stripe of Sinful Colors This is It down the middle.

It was perhaps a bit too subtle. So for a bit more definition I used China Glaze Midtown Magic to put a thin stripe on either side of the first stripe. MUCH better!

I just might have to do this mani again sometime :D


triceratops said...

Owl's Night is such a gorgeous colour! I never think to look at the L'Oreal polishes at my drugstore, but I should really check and see if they have this one!

Ace said...

I love Owls Night and what you did with it!

Tess Morgan said...

I have this, but never tried it yet. Maybe this will be my color today :D

Anonymous said...

Owls Night is beautiful!