Sunday, January 15, 2012

Franken Time! : Astral Plane

Have I ever mentioned how much I love frankening? Well I do. I wish I could afford to buy little bottles so I could franken more often. I've only been able to make four frankens so far but I absolutely love it. This time I decided to play around with some holo polishes. I had one I bought at Halloween time that I really wasn't in love with so I picked that one to use as a base. It's a berry-toned red with sparse holo glitter, very sheer, kind of odd smelling, and it takes forever to dry. Most of those faults are fixable though when frankening.

Here's the polish before:

I decanted about a third of it into my only empty bottle. Then I added Wet n Wild Hannah Pinktana for more holo glitter and City Color Purple to turn it more purple. It still wasn't a deep enough purple for me though so I added a touch of Cover Girl Nailslicks Dark Denim, an almost-black blue. I think you'll like the results, I certainly do. I've decided to call it Astral Plane

Swatch on wheel is three coats of Astral Plane, no top coat

 On nails is two coats China Glaze Gothic Lolita, two coats of Astral Plane, OTD top coat

And here is ChG Gothic Lolita on it's own, two coats and OTD top coat:

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