Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stash update and my first adventures in stamping!

Wow, the holidays sure were busy! Honestly I'm kinda glad that's over with for another year. Love it when it's happening but I wouldn't want every day to be like that. One thing about Christmas though, it certainly added to my polish stash! First there were the Zoyas I ordered, then the Julep penny box, the Finger Paints Special Effects collection, the polishes I got in my stocking and my January Maven box from Julep.

And the best of all: my hubby got me the MASH stamping plate set! The worst of it was . . . HE DIDN'T GET THE STAMPER/SCRAPER SET! ACK! So there I was with my first stamping plates and no way to use them! My mother was kind enough to order the stamper/scraper though and it came in this thursday. Of course the first thing I had to do was try it out!

Since my January Julep Maven box had come in the day before I had Julep Blake on my nails, which, I must say, I'm really impressed with. A pastel yellow opaque in just two coats! I was going to stamp with black but my daughter saw me with the polish out and picked Zoya Kate instead so I went with it. I really like the color combination :)

Julep Blake

Stamped with Zoya Kate

What do you think? I definitely need to practice a lot more but I got lots of compliments on it at school <3

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Jenn Staz said...

I love the stamp and color combo you chose. I'd love to see more! Maybe you'll convince me to finally get stamps :D