Sunday, February 19, 2012

Comparison: OPI A Roll in the Hague vs L'Oreal L'Orange

I love orange. Ok, that's not entirely accurate. I absolutely LOVE and ADORE orange to the point where I lose all self control when I find an orange nail polish and ABSOLUTELY MUST BUY IT NOW. When I saw online swatches of OPI's Holland Collection A Roll in the Hague was immediately added to my OMGOSH MUST HAVE list. And then my favorite supply store put out a Holland Collection display under a glass case in JANUARY, almost as if to taunt me. And then, just a couple weeks before the official sale date for the Holland Collection, L'Oreal came out with their new Color Riche line. Of course the first thing that caught my attention was the lovely, bright bottle of L'Orange.

Now, I knew both L'Orange and A Roll in the Hague had to be VERY close in color so I didn't want to get L'Orange right off because I knew, no matter what, that I would be getting A Roll in the Hague in just a couple weeks. I managed to hold off for a whole week before caving and buying L'Orange ^^; And yes, I bought A Roll in the Hague the day after it officially went on sale too.

See how close they are in color? Well I figured I'd go ahead and do a comparison swatch since I had both. I used OPI A Roll in the Hague on my index finger and L'Oreal, L'Orange on my middle finger and used two coats of each, no top coat.

As you can see they are really really really close in color on the nail, A Roll in the Hague is slightly more red than L'Orange. The biggest differences were in the application. L'Orange is a lot thinner and you can totally see VNL while A Roll in the Hague definitely had a thicker consistency and more pigmentation.

So, if you don't mind using three coats or just can't afford the OPI, L'Oreal L'Orange is a good alternative. I think I'll be putting my bottle of L'Orange in my manicure bag to use at school and saving A Roll in the Hague for my exclusive use.

What polish color is your personal MUST HAVE?

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beachgal said...

I ADORE Roll In The Hague. It's about my all time fav orange ever. I really like oranges that are non Halloween oranges. Right now 'Hague' goes in my top 25 favs right now which is always a hard thing to kick one out to replace it with a newbie!