Friday, February 24, 2012

Nail-Venturous Polishes - Rustic Remains & Man-maid Dreams

A couple posts ago you might have seen me mention two special polishes: Rustic Remains and Man-maid Dreams, made by the talented writer of the I'm Feeling Nail-Venturous blog, Amy. I had the happy opportunity to do a swap with her, two of my frankens for two of hers. I can't think of a better swap that that! Later this weekend I'll be doing a post on the two polishes I sent her but this post is about the two that I received from her.

First I decided to kill two birds with one stone and, since Rustic Remains is more of a layering polish, I used Essie Tea and Crumpets as my base color. The photos below are as follows: T&C by itself; with one coat of RR; with two coats of RR. All photos taken in direct sun.

This lovely copper flakie went on like a dream. Smooth, even, and all the flakies lay flat on the nail. There is an absolutely stunning green and gold sparkle to this that photos just can't do justice to. I certainly recommend clicking these photos to see the bigger size!

Then I decided to add a bit more pop with some stamping using Rimmel London Burgundy Flirt. Well whadda ya know, turns out that BF is a jelly! And a jelly was much better than a creme for what I had planed anyway.

I wish I could have done as much justice with my photos for Man-maid Dreams, unfortunately we got three days of clouds while I was wearing it and the sun only came out after I had gotten a couple chips in my mani. Despite the chips I just had to get a photo of this polish in the sun.

See what I mean? This gorgeous shimmery turquoise polish has a lovely treasure of golden flakies which, just like Rustic Remains, lay flat on the nail when applied. I was a little nervous with the first coat as it seemed a bit sheer but the second coat assuaged my fears with full opacity. Honestly, I would normally have done some nail art but I just couldn't think of a single polish in my stash that would complement this beauty.

So there you have it. Two gorgeous flakie polishes made by one very talented lady. If you want to learn more about her franken polishes I definitely suggest you go visit her blog. Heck, visit anyway, I'm sure she'd be happy to have you visit!

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Amy from imfeelingnail-venturous said...

Oh wow! Great swatches.. I love the combo you did with Rustic Remains. I have only used that polish with black really!!!!