Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blue, Bronze, and Read all Over

For some reason I've been really attracted to dusty blues and greens this season, so when I saw Zoya Bevin I just knew I had to get her. Such a lovely shade of dusty turquoise <3 And of course application was a breeze as I've come to expect from Zoya. The photo below is two coats with top coat and taken in indirect lighting.

Just a couple weeks ago I realized that I had never posted a newsprint mani on my blog, nor had I worn one in quite some time so I decided that was just what I was going to do with Bevin. Now you might be thinking that this color is too dark for a newsprint mani, and to be honest I was a little nervous about that myself, but it turns out that Bevin is perfect! I also decided to put a different twist on the usual newsprint mani and applied the newspaper to my nails so the the words went down the length of them rather than across.

Then I used Mash plate 09 with Borghese Riviera Sunset. I wanted to put the stamp right up next to my cuticle but it didn't work out very well so I decided to just go crazy and put the stamp everywhere and anywhere all over my nails. I rather like how it turned out actually.
 before cleanup

If you've never done a newsprint mani before I recommend trying one, they're super easy! All you need is newspaper (I used an article about chocolate deserts, you can see the word "chocolate" on one of my nails above), a shallow dish with alcohol (rubbing alcohol works just fine but some people like using vodka), and fingernails with a medium to light creme-finish polish.

Cut the newspaper into pieces just larger than your nails. Then dip the paper into the alcohol, position it on a nail, and press evenly across the paper for 10-30 seconds. Peel the paper off and voila! Remember to put a top coat on or the ink will rub right off.

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beachgal said...

Bevin is such a great shade. I wanted to order it so bad as it came out way before the OPI Holland collection. But I had already put in a pre order for my Holland's and read thank heavens of the several dupes between the Zoya Truth and OPI Holland. I wanted to wait until my OPI got here & I in the meantime, ordered spoons of all the Zoyas (I can always use those credits down the road). Once I got mine side by side, there is a slight difference, but not enough at this point with my stash space HUGE issue to order Bevin as well. I will either get ruthless and do a big purge on my collection, or figure out what I am going to ditch in my tiny house furniture wise, so I can put in storage with more room for my now more than 1500 bottles (not counting the dups). Hard when I have been collecting since the late 80's to purge some of these now.