Saturday, March 3, 2012

Treasure Box Nails

Here's a post I've been sitting on for a while. And guess what, it features yet another franken! I hope you aren't getting sick of the franken posts quite yet, I'm just starting to discover how much fun frankening can be with pigments, not just polishes. But this particular franken was made just from other polishes (nameless blue-grey, WnW red creme, CG Nailslicks Dark Denim). I call it Look East at Sunset.
Two coats and top coat, full sun

Apologies for the lack of clean up here but I was intending on stamping immediately after and didn't want to waste time and energy doing clean up twice. I chose Zoya Trixie for stamping and let me tell you, that is an EXCELLENT stamping polish! Since all I have for stamping plates is the MASH set I didn't have any true full-coverage designs so I chose to double stamp. I used Mash-02 for the upper part of the nail and Mash-08 for the rest.

I then layered two coats of Finger Paints Twisted over the top:

Wow! Look at that sparkle! I absolutely loved this combination. My only regret is that I couldn't have kept this on longer!

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