Thursday, June 21, 2012

Franken Sweets

Ok, this has taken a bit longer to post than I had planned, sorry about that!

So, in my last post you got to see two of my newest frankens stamped over white. In this post you get to see both of them as full manis! First up I have Rooibos (See my Franken List for the polishes I used to create it). I meant this to be a bit more of a burnt orange than it turned out but I think I like it just the way it is. I know my clients the day I wore it loved it. One of them even basically said that she'd buy it off me if I had my bottle with me!

Anyway, without further ado, I give you Rooibos (two coats plus top coat):

There's an obvious copper/gold shimmer but if you click the photo to see it larger there are also glimmers of pink and green.

Next up is Sugar & Spice, a lovely frosted gold with subtle copper shimmer (two coats plus top coat):

I absolutely love how this one came out, although I might consider adding more of the burning leave reflects from TKB to it for more copper tones. As you saw in my previous post is is an excellent stamping polish.

And then I decided to add an accent nail so I used Rooibos on my ring fingers:

And just in time! My bottle of Clockwork from Sonoma Nail Art's sale arrived so I added a coat of that on the accent nail as well and another layer of top coat:

What a perfect combo <3

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